Things That Go Bang In The Night!

Where I live we do get Thunderstorms. However, that being said, a lot of times the storms sort of go around us because of Cardigan Mountain, which seems to steer them either north or south.

I guess the Mountain must have been sleeping last night, because at about 11:00 we had one big storm right over us.

I used to see the lightning like this, bright and totally illuminating a dark room when I lived in Florida, but last night it was incredibly bright with one flash right on top of the crash of thunder! And again, more rain!


Arnie and I were already in bed, and of course, this woke me up. I got up to go to the bathroom and Arnie followed me. When I got back in bed, Arnie came up his little doggy ramp and came up and commando crawled under the covers.

I could hear Lili at the door, but since Jack was still up, I figured he could handle her. Anneliese could care less.

This morning it is still damp and drizzly. I have walked the dogs and fed the birds and now I am just having a quiet time.

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