The Buck Stops Here

Or in my case the cookie!

Since things have been busy this summer, I have found it really difficult to stay on a healthy eating plan.

I got a rude awakening at WW Class on Wednesday and I decided that I am not happy where I am weight-wise, so it’s time to take control and get back on track.


If you have never had a weight problem I think it would be hard to understand. I find it hard to cut back and avoid the foods that bring me joy. (Like Fresh Whole Belly Clams, fried in a delicious batter!) I know, however, that this is what I must do.

Being over sixty now is also a challenge to weight loss. It just doesn’t come off the way it once did!


I hate to be counting points every time I put something in my mouth, but honestly, it’s the only way I am going to conquer this!

I’m also an emotional eater. If something upsets me or I start feeling depressed, I find myself reaching for a cookie, chips, chocolate, etc.

Obviously, that is the wrong thing to do and it has only increased my unhappiness as I have watched the numbers on the scale go up and up!

So it’s back to writing everything down and trying to get a handle on my weight. Oh, to be 16 again, when I could miss a few meals and get back to the weight where my clothes fit!

Like that is going to happen! Ha!

4 thoughts on “The Buck Stops Here”

  1. With you as well. Picked up ten since Christmas. Chocolate is evil. I come out of a trance and there is an empty bag of chocolate in my hands

  2. What you said about being an emotional eater made me chuckle. People say “Oh, I’m so upset, I couldn’t eat a thing!” but in my case it’s “I’m so upset, I need chocolate and more chocolate!” LOL

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