Gone To The Birds

I know that recently my blog has gone to the birds. It seems I write about them a great deal. But these wonderful creatures have added so much to my life recently, and between sneezes and coughs, I have watched them, felt joy and taken pictures.

One bird that comes daily now is Mr. Cardinal. He used to be fed by my neighbor, but apparently he likes my Suet feeder because he shows up here every morning.

P1010006 (2) copyMr. Blue Jay is here daily as well. He squawks and squawks if we are close by, as he does not trust us too much…yet.

P6280014 (3)Mr. Oriole comes by too. Occasionally I put some grape jelly on the feeder, and sure enough, he shows up. Apparently he has a sweet tooth.

P6250024 (2)And I have both a Downy and a Hairy Woodpecker that come every single day. Today the Downy Woodpecker came by when I was walking Anneliese and he was not in the least concerned by my being less than 5 feet away. The Downy Woodpecker Male is probably my favorite.

These birds will overwinter here, and I plan to feed them all winter. It will bring me joy to watch this nature in my back yard. It really already has.

3 thoughts on “Gone To The Birds”

  1. We get the love of Birdwatching from our Grandma Honey. I’m VA I have a bird feeder position so
    I can see it from my favorite easy chair.

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