The Friday Five

The Friday FiveThis year it seems many of my weeks have flown by and so many of them have been just a little crazy.

This one wasn’t so crazy, but it was unusual and it did fly by. So, here’s what’s up in New Hampshire.

  1. It was Columbus Day on Monday, and that really was the day to be out and enjoying nature and the beautiful Autumn leaves.
  2. The Tourists were all here, Leaf Peepers, and the like. The trains were full and everyone was enjoying their time in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
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  3. We also had many people up closing their summer camps for the winter. Soon our traffic will disappear and we will return to being the lovely sleepy town we are in the winter. (Meredith is 54.2 square miles. With a population: 6,384)
  4. I decided to switch things around in my closet now that the cooler temperatures are here. One thing I cannot seem to find is my winter coat! Where on earth did I store it last Spring?
  5. And lastly, both my stomach and my cold are better. It’s nice to be able to eat normal foods again (even though it is low fat) and to not be coughing and sneezing!

Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. As it seems that the weather is almost the same the whole year with only a few days really cold, I never changed my clothes they remain in place the whole year. Everybody does so now !

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