This & That On A Wednesday!

Tuesday was a pretty nice day. I’d gotten some chestnuts at the grocery the other day and I decided to make a little Thanksgiving preview for our dinner tonight.

I roasted the chestnuts and each and every one of them was perfect! The shells all but fell away. I chopped onions and celery and put in some Summer Savory, Sage, and a little salt and pepper, and after the vegetables had cooked I added the bread crumbs, and the chestnuts and a little broth until the stuffing was the right consistency.

I put the stuffing in the bottom of a glass dish, and then put two turkey breast tenderloins on top. Currently, everything is cooking for dinner and WOW does it smell wonderful!

I also worked this morning making a new blanket cushion for the center of Anneliese’s bed. I measured and pinned it and then sewed it up.


I am actually not a clever person with crafts. I would like to be, but when something that I make comes out this good, I am simply thrilled!


Not only did the little blanket cushion in the middle come out well, but Anneliese LOVES it! Yahoo! Score!


My birds were around all day, despite the fact that it was misting and rainy most of the day. I sat during lunch, just watching my Cardinal and a family of Chickadees as well as the Downey and Hairy Woodpecker who all swooped in for a snack!

Watching them all filled me with great happiness!

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