My Sunglasses

A few weeks ago, during my daughter’s move from one house to the next, I came home from helping, in the rain and the next day, in the sun, I reached into my pocketbook for my sunglasses. They were not in my purse. I checked my tote bag. Nope, not there either!

Then I searched my car. Then I searched Jack’s car. Then I came upstairs and searched in the kitchen. I went to the lost and found at the grocery store, to the post office, and at WW.

I could not remember the last time I’d had them, and this really bothered me. We’ve had a lot of gray rainy weather, so I could have lost them anywhere!

These are not just any old pair of sunglasses. These are prescription sunglasses.

Meanwhile, I got out my old pair of sunglasses and used those.  I was not happy and quite honestly, due to the fact that I was close to turning 61, I was afraid I’d developed some sort of memory problem.

20181004_110410Then on Saturday I got to my daughter’s and we went out to her car to go to Savannah’s play and as I got in I spotted my glasses case on the floor of her car! Of course, they must have fallen out as I either got in or out of her car. She drives a low sports car and I am always joking that I need a crane to help me get out of it.

So, the mystery of the sunglasses disappearance is over and I am once again driving with my favorite pair on my nose!

And I am so happy that I did not misplace them, but simply had them fall out of my bag! Whew! Another aging bullet dodged!

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  1. That’s a coincidence. A few days ago I lost my stylus that I use for my tablet.I pulled the bed apart and away from the wall looking for it but it was not to be found. I bought a new one, knowing that the old one would turn up somewhere in my bedroom. This morning it did, just lying on my bed. I think it must have been jammed between the the tablet and its case. But I am sure your prescription sunglasses are worth a lot more than a stylus.

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