Autumn Colds

On Tuesday I woke with a sore throat. Nothing too bad, but sore. A nuisance. I didn’t get dressed and I kind of sipped some chamomile tea with honey, hoping I would feel better.

By noontime, I was chilled and went to bed. I took my temperature and it was only slightly elevated. But I felt so sleepy.

At four o’clock my temperature was up well over 101 degrees. And as hot as I was, I felt chilled to the bone.

Since I am experienced with high fevers I sort of knew what was about to hit. At 2:00 AM my temperature hit 102.8!

I downed juice, Tylenol and more cough syrup, which probably explains my slightly sick stomach this morning.

My temperature is down and I am feeling slightly better. Enough so, so that I took a shower and changed my nightie.

I forced some toast into my body, and more water and juice, and in a bit, I will go back to bed for a nap.

My constant nurse has been Mr. Arnie Man. He quite literally never leaves my side. Even when I was in the shower he sat on the bath rug and waited for me. What a boy!

Now let the healing up begin! I simply detest Autumn colds!

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