What To Do When You Are Sick

One thing that happens when you are ill and forced to stay in bed, is that you can binge-watch certain shows.

I have Amazon Prime plus certain networks and so yesterday while being stuck in bed I watched all sorts of shows.

I watched two BBC shows. One about Queen Victoria’s Grandchildren and the other one was about Princess Alice, the mother of the current Prince Philip of England. I’d read her biography and this show seemed to have been based on the book.

I also love the show “Chopped” where Chefs are given a basket of crazy ingredients.
Items that might be in a basket are like these.


There are four Chefs to start, and after each round, Appetizer, and Main Course a Chef, who did not meet expectations, is chopped. The last round, Dessert, determines who wins the ten thousand dollars, and is The Chopped Champion!

I went all the way back to Season One (there are like 34 or 38 Seasons!). It was fantastic! I love cooking shows and this one is amazing!

I managed tea and toast and some eggs last night, and by midnight my fever had broken and was back to normal.

I plan another quiet day today, with some crocheting, binge-TV-watching, and naps. But I am on the mend, and that is good!

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