The Friday Five

This week seemed to fly by. Probably because I slept so much of it away. But as we wrap up the week here is this weeks Friday Five.

1. Getting sick is not what I had planned on. But I have caught up on my favorite TV shows and learned how to use Amazon Prime Videos!

2. I also think that I have found a way to lose weight. I have eaten very little since coming down with this virus.

3. A friend in the know suggested that what I have is the Flu. But I have had the flu shot. Turns out you can still contract a different strain of the flu if you are unlucky. Isn’t “unlucky” my middle name.

4. I hope tomorrow to be able to be out of bed more. I am still coughing a lot and I don’t want to get Jack sick.

5. I need to make out my grocery list and my plan for Thanksgiving.  I know by then I shall be completely well!

So that’s the week. It can only get better!

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