Getting Well

This morning I  woke feeling slightly better. I still have a horrendous cough and also a small fever. But it’s a vast improvement from yesterday.

I believe that  copious amounts of water have helped, lots of rest with Arnie, and binge watching of HGTV & The COOKING CHANNEL, certainly have kept me in bed.

The shows are such so that if you fall asleep, it’s no big deal.  I have kept the window shades up and I have seen beautiful sunrises glowing sunsets.  Rain too.

Yesterday a few Chickadees landed on a shrub outside my window. I think they were looking for me.

I am not going to my daughter’s housewarming party today. Not because I  don’t want to go, but rather, I do not want to share this Flu with anyone.

The holidays are upon us and it’s important to keep everyone healthy and well.

I have even stayed away from Jack. Closing myself up in the bedroom.

Maybe I will do some online Christmas shopping. Now there’s an idea!

3 thoughts on “Getting Well”

  1. Glad your starting to feel better!!
    Online shoppings always fun!!
    Hope everyday you improve a little bit more..❤️❤️

  2. I think at the stage you are at now, you probably aren’t infectious, but who wants a coughing older woman around clutching a handful of tissues. More rest won’t hurt you at all.

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