The Flu

Today I emerged from under the covers on my bed. My fever is down, which is great. Now if only I could get rid of the cough and the aches from this blasted Flu!

I wandered down to the laundry room and tossed in a load of clothes, and will try very hard to get two loads done.

I was supposed to host Thanksgiving with my cousins but had to cancel. My first thoughts were for them. I would not wish this Flu on anyone. It has totally kicked me in the A$$!

Next, I was not sure I could even cook a big meal. I’m as weak as a kitten and not up for too much.

Yesterday as Jack and I were talking he said we should go out for dinner. Ah, no! I would hate to give this to anyone.

But since our local grocery has turkeys for 39 cents a pound I told him to get a small one, and then he could help me with the preparations. I actually have butternut squash all mashed in my freezer. He can peel potatoes and he can also chop vegetables for the dressing. I actually bought turkey gravy when it was on sale, so I don’t need to think about that. I may have him pick up an apple pie.

I really hate being ill and forced to stay in bed and closed into the bedroom. But my fear that Jack could get this is too real, so I steer clear of him.

I did have the Flu shot, but from what I have been told there are a few strains of Flu that were not covered in this shot. And apparently I was somewhere where someone had this particular strain and I inherited it.

Bah! I hate being sick!


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  1. People often say they have the flu when they have a bad cold, but I think you did actually have the flu and it lay you low. It’s been a week or more?

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