Getting Better

I fell asleep last night at about 8 o’clock and woke at 2 AM coughing. I took the cough syrup and fell back to sleep and made it all the way to 6 AM! This morning I am somewhat better. I still have almost no voice, and the cough is still there, just not as bad.

Because I felt a bit perkier, I took a much-needed shower and put on fresh pajamas. That felt very nice.

I even did my hair. Ever notice that when you have been in bed with a fever your hair gets all twisted and seems to stick out in all directions like you put your finger in a light socket! Yeah, that was me. My hair now looks and feels nice and clean!

So today I need to sit and chop some veggies, make the stuffing, and rest in between doing all of those things.

Jack told me he will peel and cut up the potatoes as well as prepare the pearl onions.

Jack has been really great during my illness. He’s fed the dogs and walked them, cleaned up the kitchen after he cooks a meal for himself and just allowed me to hibernate in my bed until this thing has moved on.

So, gentle readers, I am on the mend and I hope very soon to be back on my feet.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.


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