Goodbye November

Well, here we are. The last day of November. After this, it’s a mad dash to Christmas. Usually, I have nearly all my shopping done and Christmas Cards are written, but I have almost nothing done and the cards are still in the box. Who knows, maybe on Sunday I will break out the cards and start writing.

This year seems to have flown by. So much happened, so much changed. I think I will remember 2019 as being a year full of changes, both good and sad.

The sad is that I lost my best friend, Candy. That just plain broke my heart.  I miss her a great deal and think often of her.

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The good is the health and happiness of my family. My grandchildren are growing by leaps and bounds and are both wonderful happy kids. And nicest of all is that they are truly kind people.


Mandy and Matt adopted a pup named Freya and also bought the home of their dreams. They are also terrific parents!


Despite changes in my extended family, everyone is doing okay. For this, I am very thankful.

So life is rushing by and I’m trying to grab every moment I can and relish the happiness and the blessings in it.


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