The Friday Five

The Friday FiveI know I say this often, but where the heck is the time going? Here we are on the first Friday of December, we’ve had our first big snowstorm, and Christmas shopping has begun. AT least Cyber-Shopping for me! Crazy isn’t it? Well, here are this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Although I am feeling so much better I have Laryngitis and still have a cough. I am so sick of not being 100%. There is so much I want to do and places I want to go! Be gone throat illness!
  2. I am back to making most meals. even though I don’t have much of an appetite. I burnt the taco shells tonight, so something tells me my cooking skills are rusty!
  3. I needed to go out today to get the mail and some groceries, and the two dachshunds wanted to go. Well it was chilly and they both acted cold, so I put their little sweaters on. Goodness, they looked adorable. They also enjoyed their car ride.
  4. I have not seen the kids since my birthday due to this dratted flu! The last time I was down Savi came into my room in the morning and we had the nicest cuddle!20191117_070024

    I can hardly wait to see Savi and Quinn again!

  5. This weekend I really need to do some housework! It’s been a while since I ran the vacuum around and mopped a floor. I also need to disinfect every shelf I can. It sounds like fun! Not!

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. Rather a very long time since you have done housework, having being laid up for nearly three weeks. But housework cleaning can always wait.

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