Pretty Snow

On Tuesday we got more snow. Now all of the previously fallen snow had melted, so this frosting of 4+ inches is pretty, but also makes the roads slick.

PB140006 (3)

The good news here is that the long-range forecast shows no snow from now until well after Christmas. Perfect! A few years back we had gotten quite a bit of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. God bless Jack who drove us handily down to Mandy and Matt’s house safely. There were many cars off the road that day, but slowly we soldiered on!

novogodnyaya_girlyanda_1920x1200So now I need to sit at the kitchen table and wrap the gifts I have. I just need a couple of boxes and I will be all set!

Tonight (Tuesday) I am feeling a little bit better. I wonder if this super antibiotic is working. I think I will know more in the morning.

I’m feeling a little hopeful tonight that I am finally on the road to recovery. My fingers are crossed!


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