And it keeps on snowing, sleeting and icing!


Monday found us waking to about 6 plus inches of snow, with pellets of ice shooting down. Unbeknownst to be, we had icefall in the night leaving a layer of snow, a layer of ice and then more snow on top and then more ice.

I had nowhere to go on Monday, so we waited for our plow guy to come. He arrived just before noon and I sat in the window watching him plow through this slop.

I am always impressed by how these guys can move their blades around for a really good close plow. (Very much like a man shaves.)

Then it happened. As the plowman pushed the sloppy mess forward in the yard, he got stuck. He tried rocking it, but the wheels would not grip. Oh, I had so much sympathy for him, as I had done something similar when Jack and I were first married. He still mentions it.

His boss (brother) arrived and after finishing our drive, he got out his chain and pulled his brother out. The drove off.

But here we are on Monday night and it is still snow/sleeting out! I’m rather worried as I have a doctor’s appointment some 60 miles away. And unless we are totally snowed in, we will go tomorrow. It’s my annual skin cancer screening.

Oh, I do hope the precipitation stops.

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