Strange Dreams & Cooking

Lately, I feel like I have been accomplishing a lot. I wake up with steely determination and I set about a task and get it done.

Monday I woke up after a very weird dream. Anyone who knows me and has visited our home, knows we have a challenging driveway. It is very steep more so in front of the house.

Feb 27 11 011

In the dream, I was looking out our bedroom window and there was a large box van truck in our driveway. It had turned around and was trying to head up the driveway, but it kept slipping down! And then after a few attempts, the truck slid into my house and I could feel the house moving under me. I tried to run but the house began to fall away. Then I woke up. Does anyone want to guess what that dream was all about?

I decided to make a big pot of spaghetti sauce for Jack. Oddly enough I am really not a spaghetti fan, I make great sauce and Jack loves it. So I tend to make big pots of the sauce and then divide them for freezing for future meals. Thus, there was a lot of chopping and sauteing and this is what Jack will be eating for dinner. I think I’m going to do chicken.

Our Christmas tree came down and is put away for another year. It’s so sad because the lights are no longer glowing in the family room. Now I need to pack up my wrapping paper and Christmas cards and wait another year.


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  1. After three weeks of Christmas lights on the balcony, the Christmas tree, Christmas cards and other decorations, I can’t wait for them to come down and the place look normal. Ours came down at the weekend.

    Your dream sounds a bit like a falling out of bed dream.

    That’s funny. I clicked on the photo of your house and the snow and Flickr warned me of adult content. What have you been up to?

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