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Harry & Meghan

Since it was announced last night that Harry & Meghan are basically quitting the Royal Family I thought I would take a look back at the beginning of their life together.

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Oh, it was all sweetness and light when Harry & Meghan made their “love” public and announced their engagement. Call me a cynic, but an actress who had been previously married and had several live-in relationships just didn’t seem like the kinda gal that would settle down with Harry and pop off the expected Royal kids.

Meghan just never really seemed to want to do the requisite charity work. Oh, she loves her title, but basically wanted to sit back and be served.

Eventually, little Archie was born and even that was weird. No showing off the baby and then not showing the baby with his Godparents. Well, it was just strange.

In Africa, Meghan was all for using little Archie for a photoshoot with Desmond Tutu. That was also when she was crying over being mistreated as a Royal!

Now I am sorry. You are given a mansion, completely redecorated, you have servants waiting on you (when they are not quitting to get away from you) and you have more money and things than most of us could ever dream of.

This includes private jet planes to vacation spots, a trip to New York to watch her friend play tennis, (without the baby) and then another weekend where she left her son with Nannies so she and Harry could go to a destination wedding.

19981972-0-image-a-38_1571658887882They made a documentary in Africa and said how sad she is, how hard her life is, and that no one cares about her? Yeah, just didn’t sit well with me.

1192408418Now they are leaving the Royal Family and moving to Canada and hopefully, they will find a way to make enough money to live. (That cracked me up)

Sorry, Canada. Looks like you are getting these two ingrates.

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  1. Totally different view here. He was traumatized and still is by his mothers death and saw the same things beginning with his own family. Once they had a child it would only get worse. The media hunted them, which is how his mother ended up dying and they decided to make a different life. We will see how it plays out, who knows, maybe a more private life will help them live a more normal life. I wish them well!

  2. I don’t take in much detail of the spongers of the public purse. I’ve never really taken to Ms Sparkle. Not sure why really. You just have a feeling about some people. While I did take in the complaint about the press, I didn’t realise they met Witchdoctor Tutu. I wonder why Canada and not the US?

  3. I don’t agree at all with you ! I don’t blame Meghan at all. I think Harry finally does his revenge for this awful childhood he had since his mother died ! Imagine a 12 or 13 year old boy is woken up in the middle of the night to tell him that his mother died and in the morning he has to go with grandma Queen to church ! And then the little boy walking behind the coffin of his mother was so cruel. Anyway the Queen has never been a mother. She left 3 months old baby Charles for 3 or 6 months to travel through Australia ! Harry has never forgotten he is like his mother very sensible and a rebel and now he is afraid that the whole story will start again, I can understand that he wants to live somewhere private he doesn’t need any money they can lead a nice life unfortunately there is always this tabloids which invents and which pay a lot of money for each story they can get from the two ! I think Meghan has a far difficulter life then Kate. Kate comes from a completely different social level and has a loving family behind her. Meghan doesn’t all she has she had to do by herself. We will see in the future. One thing is sure and that’s why the press is so angry she never used her little son for publicity pictures ! We saw him wrapped at the christening and then 6 months later ! Kate didn’t have the guts and William …..

  4. The press has trashed her. I believe there;s some tragic backstory to her life. I agree she was ambitious and still is and kudos to her for keeping her eye on opportunity. I think Harry desperately needed someone strong like her, he was party boy central. She has been judged on everything (prior relationships, etc) far in excess of any man in a similar situation. And I also believe this exit has been planned way, way back. They will do well free of idiotic medieval constraints.


    PS great blog!

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