I Think I Can

I am happily here to report that I figured out my keyboard problem and fixed it! It turned out not to have anything to do with my poor mouse (which I was totally blaming!). This morning, while drinking my coffee, I said to myself, “Settings – Keyboard!” And it was like a light bulb went off!

Asus R510C
My laptop back when it was new. 2013!

I quickly got to my settings menu and searched for Keyboard. Then I went through the settings. Somehow, all the little boxes for shortcuts were checked! I unchecked them all. I never use shortcuts because my knowledge of my computer keyboard is not that great.

So I unchecked them all and so far so good. No wandering cursor. No typing into another paragraph. So far things seem to be working the way they should! Alleluia!

I am praying that this actually has been the one thing that will work. If not I will keep on looking.

It was another very cold day here. However, we were lucky because it was also a dry day. No snow!  We do have a lot of snow and ice around though.

Since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, almost everything was closed, so I just snuggled up to the dackels and Lili and enjoyed a nice quiet day.

Some days, things just go along so nicely!

2 thoughts on “I Think I Can”

  1. I was having keyboard trouble with the desktop about a year ago. Only a restart would fix it and for some reason it only happened later in the evening (when I was tired). Eventually I mentioned the problem to a friend and he knew straight away, you are accidently hitting the ‘insert’ key. Hit it again and the problem is solved.

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