The Friday Five

20200206_160117Here we are, the first Friday of the month of February! We all know that February is a quick month and I know it will go fast because it is filled with appointments. Anyway, here goes for this week.

  1. This week was not overwhelming. Probably because this week the only appointment I had was to go to my WW Class.
  2. Speaking of WW Class, I am really enjoying it. I simply adore the ladies in my class. They are so supportive and caring and each week I feel they are cheering me on!
  3. So, here is how I am doing on the WW Green Plan.
    February 5,2020
    I like the “Green” plan because it has forced me to plan out my meals and count my points. As you can see I am doing very well.
  4. I have been doing some Spring cleaning. I deep cleaned the kitchen recently and bought new carpets. Well, that spurred me on and I ordered new carpets for the master bath. They arrived today and I deep cleaned the bathroom. Twice a year I wash down the walls as well as the usual stuff. With the new rugs, it looks rather splendid!
  5. We had snow on Thursday and it appears today we will have a combination of snow and ice. Ugh. Truly, I am ready for Spring!

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