The Friday Five

20200206_160117The week flew by and although I wasn’t crazy busy, it certainly was a full week. It’s the last Friday of February, which also freaks me out. In any case, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. It was my bi-yearly dental cleaning. I always have dental-anxiety due to a horrible dentist in my youth. My current dentist is very kind, but I still feel queazy when it’s my day to go in. I had no cavities, but my teeth in the back right have shifted causing me to have a pocket.
    They showed me the neatest soft gum picks, which I absolutely love!
  2. Wednesday was WW Class. I knew I had done well, but I wasn’t sure how well. I am not dieting, I have worked hard to change my lifestyle.
    Screenshot_20200226-080209_WW MobileI am actually eating the foods that will help my liver problem as well as my slightly high cholesterol. If anyone tells you that losing weight is easy, they are not being honest. It takes time, strength and the ability to be honest with yourself at all times.
  3. I am getting to be a real sleepyhead. It seems I cannot make it up past 9 PM. Two of my favorite shows are on at 9 o’clock and I’ve been falling asleep trying to stay up and watch them. Thankfully, “Homeland” shows the episode on Monday at 8 o’clock on Showtime and I can watch “This Is Us” on my computer the next morning.  I do get up at 5 AM with the dogs, so I am thinking that has something to do with it. In another week our clocks go forward an hour, and then I should be better.
  4. After looking at Arnie’s teeth it’s pretty clear he needs a dental as well! I called his Vet and made an appointment. He goes in next Thursday, March 5th. Yes, March the fifth. Can you believe it’s going to be March on Sunday?
  5. I decided to try a “Sweet and Sour Tuna” for lunch. Well, I took one bite and really didn’t like it! I actually put it down the garbage disposal. Why eat (and record points) for something you do not like? I made some turkey breast along with my roasted eggplant and I was happy. Guess what’s for dinner tonight? A turkey tenderloin. LOL. Thank goodness I love turkey!

Well, everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. It is supposed to be very cold here, but I have two things on my list. 1. Crocheting again and 2. laundry. You know you will never be lonely because you will always have laundry!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. I would need to convert it but that looks like a decent weight loss. Well done you. Go back to bed after you get up for the dogs at 5am. Sweet and sour tuna sounds vile. Btw, the reason I don’t know about Koru apples is that since the 1920s Australia has banned the import of New Zealand because of the risk of Fire Blight disease to our own apple growers.

  2. I’m up at 5 or 6, in bed by 10 with a few books. Life is busy with lots of time for quiet reflection, walking and yoga tucked in. Xoxo

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