Corona Virus

So, what are you doing in your little part of the world to prepare for the unlikely event that the Corona Virus comes to your town?

I admit to going out and buying extra canned food products and also paper goods and cleaning supplies. I want to be clean, keep our house as germ-free as I can, but with three dogs and a husband to contend with, it isn’t easy.


When you hear, over and over again, “wash all surfaces” well it was like a subliminal thought. Suddenly, I just wanted to wash everything. And I just about did. I only have a little left to do tomorrow.

In other parts of the country, shortages abound. Even here in my small town, they were all out of cleaning products with none due in until midweek.

Jack is a bit more concerned and since I have been caring for his feet for a while, I suggested that for now, he should cancel his appointment on Wednesday with the Podiatrist and go in a few weeks when we know what is happening with the Corona Virus.

Now I wait to see what happens with my colonoscopy. Since it is elective, they may postpone it until all of this is over. (One can only hope!)

I have not seen anything like this in my life. Each day it seems like there are more States with cases and more deaths. I am trying not to overreact, but I come from a long line of “over-reacters”  so this is a bit difficult for me.


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6 thoughts on “Corona Virus”

  1. The only two things I am doing is being careful to not touch my face, especially mouth and nose, while I am out and about, then as soon as I get home I wash my hands with plenty of soap.
    That’s it. No stocking up, no extra cleaning.
    I’m not too concerned.
    I’m certainly NOT brawling in the aisles of supermarkets over the packs of toilet paper.

  2. Basically have done what you’ve done before the supply goes low I mean who wants to run out of TP?! Take care!! Pam

  3. I’m rather pragmatic: if it is my time I will somehow acquire the blasted virus. Que Sara Sara. Normal foods on hand with a little cushion. Not going overboard

  4. I bought extra cold/flu medicine — just in case. When I’m going around town, I purel my hands when I get back in the car. Montana doesn’t have any cases of the virus yet — so — not panicking just not ignoring it either.

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