The Friday Five

The Friday FiveAnother week has slowly gone by. I was out twice during the week, but will now be in until at least Monday. Yay! Now, here’s what’s happening at the Dackel Princess Homefront.

  1. As you know, one of my trips out this week was to bring Anneliese to the Vets.20200416_081129The first two days on antibiotics were tricky, but now she is feeling so much better and I can tell she is not in pain and is comfortable. Thank goodness!
  2. I’ve been cooking a lot. Mostly, things have come out very well, but last night was a quasi disaster! We choked it down, but I won’t go near that recipe again!
  3. I’ve been feeling stressed. During the day I can handle it by distracting myself. But at night, when I am asleep, I am clenching my jaw and fists. I woke up the other day and my knuckles looked like I had hit a wall! And the hard part is chewing when even eating yogurt and berries makes your jaw hurt. All I can say is thank goodness for my mouth guard! At least I can’t hurt my teeth.
  4. Since the critters are out of hibernation I have to pull in the feeders at dusk and not put them back out until after dawn breaks. You should hear the birds scold me and praise me!
  5. It’s Spring up here. The first buds are on the trees and shrubs, our grass has gone from brown to green and a few of my flowers have blossomed.20190425_115037

    It is so pretty!

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy!

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. I am giving my mouth guard a serious workout every night, too. And the weird dreams! You are not alone!

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