The Friday Five ~ April 23

The Friday FiveThis week was an odd one. My days seemed to blend together until I wasn’t sure what day it actually was. Ah well, somehow I muddled through. So without further delay, here is this week’s Friday Five!

  1. I got a few little things done, that I’d been putting off. I did a thorough decalcification of the Coffee Maker, cleaned the fridge, and made a trip to the Recycling Center to get rid of the trash.
  2. Arnie was playing with his ears in such a way that I knew he had an infection! Now wirehaired dackels tend to have pretty bushy ears inside if you don’t keep up with them, (bad me) so I needed to trim the hair in his ears, and then clean them and he is on a week’s worth of drops to get rid of the infection!
  3. My birds are returning from their trip south. Some of them, like the Cardinals and Woodpeckers, just have been happy to have their suet and seed.Cardinal 3

    Once again, watching them delights me.

  4. I watched an old movie called “The Descendants” with George Clooney and Shailene Woodley.Descendants_film_poster

    What a fabulous movie, set in Hawaii and all filmed on location. The story is one that really touches me. And both the movie and the book were great!

  5. Today I am planning to cook another roast chicken. This particular chicken, produced by Perdue, is cooked in an oven bag with wonderful spices. After I will bone it, cook the bones with some vegetables, and make my own stock. After that, I am making my Chicken and Cabbage Soup!

And what will you be doing this weekend?

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ April 23”

  1. One thing I won’t be doing is making or eating chicken and cabbage soup. I wouldn’t mind a bit of your roast chicken though. You have my address.

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