Rainy Days & Fridays

Another gray day here in New Hampshire. Hubby spent the day working on his fruit trees, while I spent the day doing the laundry. How can two people make such a mound of laundry in just one week? We also picked up my car at the garage, where it had gone to get inspected. This marks the first time I have driven without glasses! It felt good and strange all at the same time.

May 17 008
Apple Blossom Buds

After lunch I felt very tired and sat down in my chair with Anneliese and Arnie and before I knew it an hour had gone by. I heard barking at the basement door and went over and there was Greta. How she got into the basement we aren’t sure, but she definitely wanted to come up!

I sat back down with Arnie and worked stripping his coat. Anneliese’s coat is beautiful and she will need very little grooming to get it in shape, but Arnie tends to be like a little raggedy man and he needs his fur stripped down. I am so lucky that he likes this and doesn’t fight me. I worked for about half an hour and already his back is looking very nice.

May 16 002

I’d planned to make an easy dinner tonight and currently it is under way. A while back I made breaded and fried eggplant. I had a lot left over, so I put the slices in waxed paper and then a freezer bag and froze enough to make eggplant parmesan for Hubby and me. Today I took out the frozen slices and in a casserole covered the frozen slices with sauce, cheese, another layer of eggplant, etc. Now it is in the oven cooking and I’m hoping that this will work out. Doing it this way made the preparation time fast and the work easy.

My doctor has called in a prescription for antibiotics for my sinus infection. It’s a 7 day dose and then I should be right as rain. (Where did that phrase come from?)

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good weekend!

To my stepdaughter Jessica, Happy 29th Birthday!

8 thoughts on “Rainy Days & Fridays”

  1. LOL I’m with you on the laundry. I have no idea how the hell we get so much in a week either. Not counting Kira’s stuff of course… hers has diminished as she’s gotten older; ours seems to have increased! What’s up with that?

  2. Laundry – we always have a ton!! That’s cool you can drive w/o glasses. 🙂

    Hope your sinus infection clears up fast!!

    What does stripping the coat do?

  3. Hi Mom,
    Happy Friday! Yeah! My favorite day of the week!
    Hope you have a great day!
    PS: Did you have any other flowers delivered?

  4. Lovely pictures, really great.
    And preparing eggplants this way, is a clever thing to do. We do the same with our squash. Several dinners made once. And we can vary a little bit every day as well.

    Have a great weekend. And recover soon.

    I’m just some minutes in our winterhome to visit other Cybercruisers. No internet still in the summerhouse.

    PS. 7 minutes wait, is not a short moment….

  5. How did the eggplant parm turn out? Did you thaw your slices before you put them in the pan?

    We’re growing eggplant this year, and it would be nice to be able to freeze some of it for parm. Mmm!

  6. I ask the same question about “two people and so much laundry,” largely a rhetorical question since most of it appears to be mine. Right as rain probably makes sense if you live in drought-prone places like kansas or oklahoma. Hope they gave you the heavy duty antibiotics, as nothing is worse than merely strengthening the infection’s resistance with the weak stuff. Over here the docs try to keep it to a 5 day run ….

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