The Friday Five Plus-1 July 24th

The Friday Five

You will not believe the week I had! But below, it is detailed in this week’s Friday Five!

  1. On Tuesday I was having a problem with my laptop. It was almost like there was a conflict and things just weren’t working well. I decided that I would back up the entire machine. And on Wednesday morning I wiped my hard drive and started again.
  2. Because I have done this numerous times, I have gotten very good at the backup and then the reloading of the machine. Everything went smoothly until Adobe Photoshop Elements, and for whatever reason, that program is never easy to reinstall. At 9 PM, I shut the machine down and went to bed.
  3. I woke on Thursday and my cell phone, which had been acting wonky, no longer would hook up to my blue tooth, and it would close on programs I was using! I really didn’t need that!
  4. I finished installing the Adobe program, and it went right in! I do not know why, but I will not look a gift horse in the mouth! Then I settled in doing a factory reset on my Galaxy S-8. I backed it up, and then wiped the drive!
  5. I spent the day reprogramming the cell-phone and there is actually more to do, but the phone is already working well. And my Bluetooth is back to working as well. It was a big job. In some ways bigger than the computer, but I got them both done. Yay, Me!

+1. Now here is my Plus 1 this week. I did this all myself. I did it because my former Computer Guru taught me along the way. I am so thankful that each time Brad came to repair my machines, he taught me all the things I needed to know. I am self-taught too, but in many ways that makes me even prouder of my accomplishment!

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4 thoughts on “The Friday Five Plus-1 July 24th”

  1. How much will you be charging for your IT consulting services? I may need you someday!!

  2. Sounds like Brad did himself out of a job. Nevertheless, well done you. We’ve been having our own tech battles here.

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