There is nothing so sweet as when you sit down at your computer, turn it on, and it works perfectly. It’s acting normally, and wonderfully fast! Actually it is working better than when I first got it. I suspect that I put too much of my backed up files onto the machine.

Since I have a wonderful external hard drive, I’ve decided to use that to store my info and only keep what I need on the hard drive of this machine.

That was a good decision! I think I simply overloaded things in no order and things got all twisted. Now my hard drive is clean, my current files are organized and my old files are organized on the external drive.

My Saturday was not so bad. I worked on two sewing projects. The first found me having to wind a bobbin. I tried and tried and had no luck. I had my operation manual, and I followed step by step, and finally, it said, be sure to use Bobbin XYZ or this will not work. Yeah, that’s where I went wrong. I had Bobbin Z and as soon as I got the right one it all worked. I will not confess how long it took me to figure that one out.

By the time all was said and done with the sewing, I felt tired and with no desire to do much of anything. Leftovers to the rescue!

Have a wonderful Sunday and take a little time to enjoy the day!

Maribeth Dackel

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