The Weekend Wrap ~ July 27th

I woke on Sunday morning and knowing that I wanted to change the sheets on my bed, I simply got up and stripped the bed before I even made the coffee.

This proved to be a wise move because after showering and starting the day cooking and cleaning, I lost interest in changing the sheets. However, since the bed was stripped, I had no choice but to make it up!

It was hot here today and rather soupy with humidity. I do try never to complain about humidity as nothing up here compares with what I lived with during the 6 years I spent in Florida. Southern humidity is a thing unto itself!

Over the weekend I watched two movies about a Dog’s purpose.

819OGMiuFqL._SY445_A Dog’s Purpose was the first one and A Dog’s Journey the second one. In many ways, I liked the first one best, but both were good, especially if you love dogs.

And how was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ July 27th”

  1. Oh I understand abut the heat. I had some errands to run yesterday — picked up some muffins and cake for my mom at the local bakery, brought them to her house, Left everything on her porch. Stopped at the supermarket and picked up a few things. When I got home I put the groceries away. And collapsed onto the couch as if I’d run a marathon.

  2. Sat my husband Wayne & I had to go to CVS so we went & got coffee’s after & went for a nice drive..bch road of course passing Nobska lighthouse & into WH. Was nice to break up the day with a drive along the just makes you feel better

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