The Friday Five ~ August 21st

The Friday FiveThis week flew by and I was busier than I’ve been in a while. But it was all good and it was so nice to get it all accomplished by today. So, here goes!

  1. Tuesday I weighed in and lost close to two pounds. I now have just 19 pounds left to lose!
  2. After that, I had my breakfast and headed to the grocery store. At that early hour, there was no one there and it made my shopping a lot more pleasurable!
  3. On Wednesday I met up with my friends. We had about an hour and a half meeting before going our separate ways. That meeting keeps me going all week long, as the encouragement and support given are so helpful in staying on plan, and staying sane!
  4. Later in the day on Wednesday, I went to see my hairstylist and dear friend, Rebecca and she gave me a great cut and color! I love the great cut, as I simply shake out my curls and they pop! It is easy and so nice.117915919_10158745355361499_6069096258946318174_o copy

    What do you think?

  5. My plans this weekend are to do the heavy cleaning. Vacuuming, washing floors, and finishing the laundry. Aside from that, I will try to rest my back afterward and maybe pick up a book and read it!

So, that’s my five for this week. I hope you all have a nice, happy, and pleasant weekend!

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ August 21st”

  1. That was a very nice, relaxing day that you described and you made progress in accomplishing your goal. Thank you for sharing. You have a very nice smile. (Grace.)

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