TBT: Growing Up On Cape Cod

I grew in Falmouth on Cape Cod and my summers were always full of sun, sea, and soft, cool, cotton sheets after a long day at the beach.

img681  My childhood dog, Beagle, Baby.  


The Raft at Surf Drive Beach.

I swam almost before I could walk, dreamed of magical kingdoms, built castles in the sand, and lay on my towel watching the clouds drift by in the afternoon. I remember thinking that time went so slowly as I lay there, that things would always be like that.

I ran barefoot all summer long through the sweet grass, and the scent of lilacs and roses and the ocean were always there. (Or so it seemed)

The feel of salt on my skin, the taste of it on my lips, and the laughter in the air, as I climbed the jetties along the Surf Drive Beach.


I’m the one in the darker blue bathing suit and the tough look on my face!

When I didn’t walk to the beach, I rode my trusty Schwinn Bike all over town.

Fireflies, cookouts on the grill, and marshmallows too. Telling stories in the dark, movies at the drive-in, and ice cream cones at Dairy Queen!

Popcycles and root beer floats, fried clams, and frozen Milkyway bars. Lobster and butter, and strawberry shortcakes at the church festival.

Sunshine and happiness, visiting with relatives who flocked to our house and the beach. Summers are full of some of the best memories of my life!


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  1. We too had some great summer holidays when we were young. We didn’t do that much really. Beach, lunch, beach, dinner, bed.

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