The Friday Five ~ September 18th

The Friday FiveThis was an odd week for me. I mean, some very strange things happened and somehow, I made it through.

    • I went in on Tuesday and had my hair refreshed and trimmed. I’m really enjoying having slightly shorter hair.MB copy2 It makes my hair prep time down to about 5 minutes each day. This, I like!
    • I had my Ladies meeting and I cannot tell you how good this is for me. It’s my one day to see the special people in my life and I get so much support there.
    • I also made 32 jars of Heavenly Peach Jam. I like the first batch best, and Jack likes the second batch best.20200914_132956

It’s sort of funny because although I followed the same recipe, it was the ripeness of the peaches that made all the difference!

  • On Wednesday night about 10:50 PM, we heard two large explosions. And the lights went out. Jack woke me as he feared our deep freeze would thaw and he wanted to get the generation going.
    So up I got, and we got the generator going, which was good as the lights were out until 3:40 AM. It turns out that a car had flipped over on the road below us and taken out a phone pole strung with electrical wires. Upon returning to bed, I only got a couple of hours of sleep before the dogs demanded their breakfasts. Needless to say, as I write on Thursday night, I am exhausted. The bed is beckoning me!
  • And lastly, It was a very good week weight-wise! I feel so blessed that I have found this lifestyle change and that it has worked for me! I feel like a whole new woman!


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