The Weekend Wrap

It was an ABBA kind of weekend. What does this mean?


Well, it means I was into listening to their music, dancing when no one was looking, and pondering that time, that ABBA time, in my own life.

I was in High School and then married to my first husband. I had little ones who also liked to dance to their music and in many ways, it was an easier time for me.

Life has a way of teaching you lessons that you never would want to learn, and it was at the end of the ABBA era that my innocence was lost. Their last poignant ballads brought tears to my eyes.

So I danced and I got lost in the music and that suited me just fine. What did you all do this past weekend?

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4 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap”

  1. Fernando was one of their most poignant songs for me. Did nothing at the weekend, just like weekend and just like the next one will be.

  2. I still find that a good long session of ABBA songs does wonders to lift the spirits and I do bop around a bit, but there’s no room here for dancing. My oldest was three or four when ABBA songs made it to Australian radio.

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