When Covid-19 Comes to Call

It’s amazing to me that some people don’t believe that Covid-19 is real. Unfortunately, it is.


Another friend (in a faraway State) called today to tell me that she has Covid-19. They are awaiting the results for her husband and two children.

A good friend in Florida also had Covid-19 and he was very ill. So much so, that he spent time in the Intensive Care Unit.

People say I am crazy to be so compulsive about wearing a facial mask, not going to indoor restaurants, and avoiding all places I do not need to be.

I don’t want to get sick. I hate being sick! Last November when I had the Flu I was so ill I thought I would die. It was a combination of having a really bad case of Flu and the fact that it dragged on and on. I am also a bit of a Drama Queen, so give me a temperature of 102.6 for a few days, a cough that sounded like I was hacking up a lung, and my inability to breathe, and I’m convinced I had an early case of Covid-19.

Everyone says no, but I know how sick I was and nothing will convince me otherwise. See? Drama Queen.

I get my flu shot on Friday and then I hope and pray for the best. I just hate to even consider being that sick again!

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5 thoughts on “When Covid-19 Comes to Call”

  1. The real flu does make you ill and bed-bound for about ten days, I had it myself about six years ago and at the time thought that dying might be a great idea, but I made it through and have had a flu shot ever since. I get very annoyed with friend who have a case of the sniffles and moan about ‘having the flu’ when they clearly don’t.
    I’m sorry to hear your friends have Covid, please continue to wear your mask and stay safe.

  2. I am with River on the ‘flu. Real ‘flu has you weak and bedridden.
    As I have mentioned in the past, I think we both had COVID mid last year when in England. The symptoms sound identical, especially the dry hacking cough which I have never experienced before in my life.
    You are right to protect yourself and bugger what other people think or say.

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