The Friday Five September 25th

The Friday FiveThe summer just packed up and left us about a week ago. It’s been cold and damp and windy! I actually had to turn on the heat! Ugh! Anyway, here we go with this week’s Friday Five!

  1. I’ve been eyeing an Echo from Amazon, and this morning I went on to order it and the price was up $20.00! Now, after living with Jack, the cheapest man on the earth, I refused to complete the transaction. I am hoping that Amazon will have a sale before Christmas. Then I will buy this gift for myself.
  2. I am on my way today to have my yearly physical. I had my bloodwork done, in hopes that my Cholesterol Levels would be closer to normal. I mean, I’ve lost 57.2 pounds and that should be good for something, right? Unfortunately, it appears my levels have not changed at all. Ugh!
  3. I am sick to death of all the hate on Facebook. So, I joined two groups. One for ABBA fans and one for Dackel Lovers.
    I’ve set up my reader so I am seeing less and less hate and more puppy dogs and ABBA Songs! So much better!
  4. For those wondering, I really love my Pampered Chef Air Fryer. It’s perfect!
    I’m still learning, but one thing I do very well with is reheating Pizza for Jack. It comes out perfect every time!
  5. My young friend’s entire family has Covid-19. She and one of the kids feel pretty lousy, while her husband and their year-old baby, although positive, are fairing better. Please people, wear your masks, isolate and be patient. One day we will look back and this horrible plague will be past us.

Maribeth Dackel

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