A Gift

Some days you go out into the world and everything that you see or touch goes to holy heck! Other days, like Friday was for me, is a gentle gift from God, and leaves me smiling. So, here we go.

I left here on Friday in the morning for my appointment with my Primary Care doctor. It was my big physical since my disaster physical last year. I was dreading it really because the last time wasn’t all that good, and she warned me that I was cutting short my life. The point was well taken by me and on January 1st I started the total reform package!

57 pounds later…

My Cholesterol levels are good. Certainly within normal limits. I do not need any medications!

My liver function, which was showing signs of stress and disease had completely turned itself around. In fact, my Liver Function test was perfectly normal!

And my thyroid levels were right where they are supposed to be. So my medication level does not need to be adjusted.

My A-1C test for diabetes last time showed me as a pre-diabetic at 5.9. This time, my level was a perfectly normal 5.3!

Looking back at the last nine months, I realize that I have saved my own life!



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