Coffee, Peaches, & Beauty!

Yesterday I woke up and made the coffee, and as I went to prepare my cup I noted I was out of Splenda Sweetener. That’s okay, I thought, because I had just purchased a box of Splenda packets to carry in my purse.

So, I got that out, added it to the coffee, and took a wonderful sip. Oh, yuck! It tasted like cardboard!

Thinking I may have added too much, I poured a second cup and then tried it.  Yuck!

Then it hit me. The lack of taste! Oh my God! I’ve got the Covid!

I ran to the fridge, grabbed a peach, and bit into that. Sweet, delicious, yummy, and with taste! Oh, thank the Lord! No Covid here!

I went back to the grocery store and brought the box. I explained the situation, and they refunded my money, while I picked up fresh, loose, store brand, Sucralose. Happily, I drove home and made fresh coffee and had a cup.

This morning all is well. The coffee was good and the temperature outside is actually warm. The sun was rising and I snapped this picture looking across our Lake.

20200927_071056It’s a wee bit cloudy and we are all praying for rain as we are in a drought right now. We need rain. A lot of rain!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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