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Life is full of a series of this and that’s and so today I thought I would put together a Bulleted Entry of the weird things that are either going on, or I am thinking about. Trust me, these things, although not connected, are all spinning in my mind. Here goes.

  • I was driving to the store today to buy a few items. I noted how really beautiful it’s getting to be.20191013_105631

    Autumn is certainly my favorite time of year.

  • After all the negative crap on Facebook, I joined two lists. One is for Wire-haired Dackel owners who want to share their pictures of their beloved pups.

    P6170037 copyMy Anneliese.

    Every day I am deluged with adorable dog faces! It has made my day every day! The other is a list for Air Fryer Owners. People share recipes and tips for using Air Fryers.

  • I have purposely unfollowed anything political on Facebook. It all started when I did read things people were posting. They were hateful and horrible and I do not need that in my life. I did not unfriend one person, but I did snooze a few for 30 days. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t people I actually knew who wrote the hateful things, it was forwards.
  • The French Open Tennis is now being played. Usually, it is played in the Spring, when Paris is lovely. Not in Autumn when it is cold and rainy. It’s a challenge for the players.
  • We have a Foliage Train that goes by our house for six weeks in the Fall. I always know their schedules so I can keep my dogs in and away from the train tracks. Sadly, we have not had one train. I think between Covid and the cost, people have opted out. And this year is going to be such a splendid year!
  • I hit a plateau with losing weight. So, I decided to get back to basics. I started on Saturday to really watch that I was eating and I hope that either this week or next I will get going again.
  • I have just 14 pounds left to lose. I know that the last few pounds are often the hardest to lose.
  • Today I decided that I had stared at the Dust Bunnies long enough and I got out my woman

    I did the kitchen and family room before putting it all away. My back and shoulders do not do well for long stretches of vacuuming. But today, I did get that much done!

  • With the wildfires on the West Coast of the USA, we have been having very odd skies. Even though it has been very dry, with no rain, we have had this haze over us. The light is very different than it usually is. Strange.
  • We had a large bowl of peaches in our fridge. Yesterday I cleaned and sliced them up. They are so delicious! It was a small crop this year, but at least we got a good number to make Jam and enjoy it!
  • I’ve really been enjoying watching The Dog Whisperer in the morning with Cesar Milan. He is such an amazing man and has so many tips on how to handle problems with pooches!
  • I have a new grand-puppy.

    120195526_10224178632195211_1147587718932327052_nHer name is Winter Molly and she is almost 12 weeks old!

    120114338_10224178632635222_2607391938841256557_nShe is a sweet and cuddly little American Eskimo puppy!

  • I ordered several things from my Pampered Chef party. The Air Fryer is fun, and I am getting used to it, and I do like the oven rack covers, so I am not burning myself, but the two things I’m loving the most is the set of glass mixing bowls and the wire whisk. Both are things I use daily and I just love them.
  • I will say that the items I got from Pampered Chef are all really good quality items. After thirty-three years of marriage, I really needed to upgrade a few things.
  • Lastly, I am planning on getting out a bunch of yarn that I have and make a lapghan. A Lapghan is a small throw blanket for your legs in the winter. Some people use them while sitting in their chairs in the evening, some use them in their car. I shall report in as I go.

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  1. You have bought a new dog! Wow, or is that your daughter’s pup?
    It is sad when a Facebook friend comes from left field with something so opposite to your own view of things. You can’t choose your extended family.

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