Music & Sleep

Today was the day that our big rain arrived. We have not had any measurable rain for some time, and right now we are hoping that the forecast of 2 inches of the wet stuff is true. Personally, I do not think it was.

I have planned Steak Fajitas for tonight’s dinner, but I did need some Fat Free Sour Cream and my low-calorie Wraps. I was amazed at how diet-friendly I can make these.

Again, the day yesterday was sunny and pretty and the ride to the store and back was a nice one, but there was something new to enjoy.

Amazon offered me 4 months of Amazon Prime Music for 99¢. I felt like I needed to try this, especially as I made the leap and ordered an Echo Show for my bedside.

The Echo will allow me to have a good size clock, one that resets automatically, one I can play music on, and even watch videos.


It wasn’t terribly expensive and I am looking forward to having it by my side. So often at night, I have trouble sleeping and the TV lights up the room. If I can just listen to soft music I think it will help.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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  1. 50mm of rain is substantial. It would be rare to have that quantity here in one day. Your Echo looks interesting.

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