The Weekend Wrap October, 5th

weekend wrap 1Now that I am back home, I can write about my visit with Mandy, Matt, and the kids and my trip home. It was all pretty interesting, so here we go!

120136703_10224178630755175_1687620010511326482_nAfter getting my prescription I headed to Mandy and Matt’s house. The kids were so thrilled to see me and to introduce me to their new puppy, American Eskimo Puppy, Winter.

20201002_184010I will say that Winter is one of the sweetest puppies ever and of course, I am already crazy about her

20201002_151805Naturally, since she is not quite 12 weeks, we spent a lot of time taking her outside to learn how to do her business there, before coming back in for more love and cuddles.

20201002_153404I offered to watch everyone so Mandy and Matt could go on a date. Restaurants here are allowed to serve outside and with social distancing. I think it was their first date night since February.


I also was able to ask Matt some questions about my Amazon Echo. I was not getting the coverage from my Wifi with it and I wasn’t sure what was going on. Matt had some good suggestions.

So while their parents were out, we watched Frozen 2, which I had not seen, and I made dinner for them.


I also brought with me Mickey Mouse Ice Cream, like they have at the Theme Parks and they both enjoyed that!

Savi and I talked and played word games and Quinn got into my lap and cuddled quite a bit.  It felt wonderful!

Soon, I crawled into bed with them both and fell asleep almost instantly. There is no better feeling than snuggling with your grandbabies!

The next morning, Mandy made an awesome breakfast and we sat talking for a long time. She is such an amazing woman and I am so proud of her.

Before I knew it, I needed to start my journey home. I needed to stop at the grocery store closer to my home to stock up on food and drinks.

The trip from Mandy’s house usually takes me 45 – 50 minutes, at the most to a good grocery store called Market Basket. But as I got onto the highway, I drove less than two miles and came to a dead stop! Seems there were many people from Massachusetts coming up here to New Hampshire to go Leaf Peeping. The trip took me two hours and fifteen minutes! I don’t think I drove over 15-25 miles per hour the entire way. It was grim!

While shopping I discovered that two of my favorite items are back in! Koru Apples from New Zealand and a cold cut called Cranberry and Sage Turkey Breast! I also got a Roast Beef, which I am currently cooking.

Soon I was home and Jack helped me carry up the sacks of food, and I got everything put away. I was feeling pretty tired by then and so I had picked up a frozen stir fry meal, which I cooked at the appropriate time. It was just okay.

Soon I collected Arnie and went to bed. I was still having trouble with the Echo Show. It was not connecting to the Wifi. I was simply too tired to care and I fell asleep.

Today (Sunday) I woke up and noticed the Echo was sending me messages. So I stopped what I was doing and sat there and entered my Wifi password and then my Amazon password and now it is working fine! I swear to God that if I sleep on a problem with a computer or it’s peripheral, the next day it fixes itself!

51IkGSS+1sL._AC_UL600_SR450,600_So, the weekend was a very interesting one, and despite the traffic jam yesterday, I have been able to kick back and relax and work toward recovery from my UTI.

Here is hoping the week ahead will be calm and relaxing. Something I think we all need during this time of Covid.


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  1. It’s nice that you had such a good weekend. How will the appropriately named Winter go in the summer heat and humidity? Stay inside with the air con?

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