Being Sick In The Time Of Covid


Summer has completely disappeared now and our temperatures have dropped to the thirties at night and fifties during the day. When I woke on Sunday morning it was a chilly sixty-two degrees in the house. As much as I hated to, I turned on the heat until I brought the temperature up to 69. Then I shut it down. The sun is up and shining on our house, and it will sustain the temperature for the rest of the day.

On Friday I woke feeling sick. I had a slight fever, but I knew I had a UTI. I called my doctor. I needed a urinalysis and antibiotics. I was not sick with the Covid, it was a lady problem, UTI and I mean, come on. I needed some simple doctoring!

Well at the Women’s Clinic I go to they would not see me because I was sick, and I had run a slight fever of 99.6! I needed to find an Urgent Care Center and go there, lest I bring the Covid to the Women’s Center!

My feeling is this. I was sick with what I knew to be a Women’s issue and needed some simple care. Sending me to an Urgent Care Center was almost more dangerous as they do see Covid Patients there!

I was perplexed. What do I do? In the end, I decided I had no choice. I selected an Urgent Care in an area with no new cases of the Virus. I wore a mask, used hand sanitizer, and prayed a whole lot!

I tinkled in the cup and then waited to see the Nurse Practitioner. Sure enough, I have a raging UTI, which required antibiotics and a drug to coat the urinary tract and help with the pain.

I asked if they’d had any positive Covid patients recently and he told me the last one had been over two months ago. I felt slightly better. However, when I got to my car I washed down with disinfectant wipes and changed my shirt.

After finishing up there, I drove to the Pharmacy in my daughter’s town, as I was on my way to see them. Their Pharmacy was a nightmare and I am glad I live in a small town.

Tomorrow I will write about my visit with the kids and my new grand-dog, Winter!


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