Evil Thoughts

This morning I drove Fritz to the Vets for his teeth cleaning. I got to a stop light and I glanced at the truck in front of me. It was then that evil thoughts permeated my mind. I could see myself on a desert island alone with these two wonderful men and a spoon. Yes, it was Ben & Jerry!
As I sat there I could feel my mouth begin to water. cherry-garcia.jpg
Images of Cherry Garcia flashed before me and I could almost taste those chunks of chocolate whipped together with the sweetness of cherries. Oh, a nice desert island, with a beach lounge chair, a tanned cabana boy named Juan rubbing suntan lotion on me, and another bringing me endless dishes of ice cream…
I was brought back to the present by some jerk in a jeep who wanted me to move! I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and noticed that the Ben & Jerry truck was gone. So much for hi-jacking the truck to the nearest desert island!!!

3 thoughts on “Evil Thoughts”

  1. Yummy! I did go to the Rose garden with Lisa and afterward we got lunch and Ice-cream. I had soft serve twist! I could go for the men waiting on me though and the massage with some suntan oil!

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