The Friday Five November 6th

The Friday FiveIt’s been a crazy busy week and as I sit here on Thursday night, I see a weekend filled with even more fun and exciting things. Here we go.

  1. My sister has given me’s package for my birthday. I believe this is her last attempt to disinherit me, but we will know in a few weeks. I mailed my spit in today and they will email me the results soon enough.
  2. Meanwhile, I have started doing the genealogy on their website. My sister has done a lot and I have linked to her site, but I have also been working with my husband’s family, and while researching I discovered a child that no one ever talked about in Jack’s mother’s family. I imagine this child probably died young.
  3. Anneliese seems to have perked up since starting the Gabapentin. I am hopeful that it is helping her.
  4. A week ago I ordered 25 spanking new Spice Bottles.20201105_123637I cleaned the entire stove, the shelf in the back, and I took the fan screen down and cleaned that too. Then I filled each container and used the labels provided. Now my stove looks so good!
  5. And lastly, my incision is healing very well. I think once the inner stitches dissolve, the area will be less puffy and will lie flat.


So, that’s all for this week. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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One thought on “The Friday Five November 6th”

  1. Have fun on ancestry!! Glad Annalise is feeling better. Your scar is looking really good you heal fast!! I agree you probably will be less puffy once your inner stitches dissolve.
    Your stove looks great and all those new spices awesome!!
    Have a great weekend, take care, Pam

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