This & That November 5th

I am somewhat tardy in writing today’s post. I nearly gave up because I have a new time-consuming activity that quite literally consumed me most of yesterday.

First, Anneliese’s medications were changed and we hope that this will bring her comfort. I am shifting my position of enjoying my baby in the last weeks or months of her life, as I cannot allow myself to remain hopeful that she will live even a year.

Anneliese 2

So she is being spoilt rotten by me and she will want for nothing. My fierce little girl, the runt of her litter, who was born into my hands from her Mama Greta’s belly. The girl who picked me out and has loved me for nearly 14 years.

March 9 001Me with my baby Anneliese. I think she was about 12 weeks old here.

Okay, onto my new time-consuming hobby. For my birthday my sister gave me a kit for

You spit into a tube and they send you your DNA breakdown. Part of me thinks my sister is still trying to prove that we are not related, LOL, but when I went onto the site to register my kit, I got sucked right in.

The next thing I knew I was following clues and leads and mapping out family members from my family, first husband’s family, and second husband’s family. In fact, Jack was thrilled when I found the first leap from England to Canada in his family.

My sister has done a lot already mapping our own family and last night I was able to tap into her lines.

All this kept me awake until nearly 9:30 when I called it a night! But the first thing I thought of this morning was to get back online and keep digging.

I think one of the things that hit me was that back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s so many people lost children. It made me think of my Katie (whose birthday is on Sunday) as I entered her small life into my family tree.

So that’s what is happening here. Me, stuck in front of my computer looking at the past lives of relatives long since gone. So interesting.


3 thoughts on “This & That November 5th”

  1. I got hooked’s so interesting & cool to find answers to your questions..most of the time!!
    You have to play detective which is fun. So enjoy & have fun..I will say tho set yourself limits or you’ll never sleep!! Lol

  2. Genealogy can be very addictive. A few years ago I was sucked into for days but only taken a vague interest since.

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