No More Stitches!

Tuesday found me going in many different directions. As it was our Election Day, I dressed up warmly (It was only in the ’20s with a brisk wind) and I went and voted. Done!

Next, I went and filled up my car with gasoline, and stopped and got a container of oatmeal. I sat and had breakfast before heading into the grocery store and buying a few things. Done!

Then I was off to the doctors where I got the best news. My pathology report was back and the tumors were all benign! Yay!

My stitches were removed and I feel pretty good about things. While the doctor was cleaning the tumors and scar tissue he managed to give me a beautifully lined up eyebrow!

Please pardon the “hat-hair”. It was so very cold and windy and a hat was the only way to keep my ears warm.

20201103_154012I drove home and made lunch for the two of us, and then I noted that Anneliese isn’t feeling her best. I’m worried so this will mean a visit to our Veterinarian fairly soon.

We now go into the giant waiting game to find out who has won our Presidential Election. Personally, I believe our voting system needs to be reformed. There are just too many ways for people to cheat.

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3 thoughts on “No More Stitches!”

  1. Soon enough you won’t even be able to see where the stitches were.
    I have hat hair from May to September with wearing a beanie for most of the day, every day

  2. Looking good..You’re a fast healer!!
    Brr it got cold up there fast huh?!!
    Poor Anneliese..sending prayers

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