TBT: My Papa’s Family

I’ve been totally immersed in genealogy the last week or so. It’s amazing how difficult their lives were back at the turn of the century for my Papa’s family, who immigrated from Germany to the United States. They did not have much money, but as soon as they arrived the older ones all got jobs to help to support the family.

Here is a picture of them taken either just before they left Germany or shortly after they arrived.

20375810866_fe03f453ff_cLeft to right is Herbert, his sister Hedwig, my great grandfather August Prussmann, the little boy sitting down is my Papa, Frederick, then there is Henry, sitting down is the youngest Kätchen, then my great-grandmother, Elizabeth, and Herta. All lived to grow old, except Kätchen. She died at the age of 22 during the Spanish Flu Epidemic in Boston.

My great-grandfather August Prussman died after 1 year here in the USA. He suffered from terrible Asthma and died during a severe attack. He was just 48 years old.

The ones I knew best were Papa Fred and his sister, my Aunt Hedwig. Hedwig lived a very long life, and we got together with her often.

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  1. I must get out my family tree album that my mother made for me, more of a scrap book than an album, but i am fairly sure I have a Herta, an August and possibly a Hedwig too, somewhere in the ancestors. I only have my mother’s side though, she didn’t research my father’s side beyond his parents.

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