The Friday Five November 13th

The Friday FiveHere we are, mid-November, the leaves have now dropped, providing work for Jack each day.

We had warmer than normal temperatures early this week, but here we are on Friday, with more normal, cooler temperatures. So as the week closes, here are my Friday Fives.

  1. I have spent this week trying to get my mind in order. I have finally gone through my pots and pans, weeding out the old and replacing with my new Pampered Chef pots.8 inch frying pan item 2729Have I mentioned how much I love these cooking pots? For someone who enjoys cooking like me, these pots are really beautiful!
  2. I think after the next few days I will be going back into lockdown. I have two places to go on Friday and Saturday after that, it’s back to restricting my time out. Our numbers have sky-rocked here in New Hampshire, and for the sake of my health and those I love, I know I must do this again. Today we had 323 new cases of Covid in New Hampshire.
  3. I listened to the Governor and our State Epidemiologist and they were calm but warned about the climbing numbers.
  4. My gathering with my ladies was really good this week. We spoke about the pressures of the holidays with our dieting, and how to enjoy our holidays and then get right back on the wagon. For me, it’s always a bit tricky as I have my birthday, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. All major food fests! But I know I can do it!
  5. Here is my new New Year’s Resolution. I’ve decided to start weeding through my house getting rid of things I do not use and never will. My old pots, which are still very usable, are going to our Recycling Center. I also plan to bring all sorts of old things there. I can hardly wait to keep going. A load a week until it is done!

So that’s this week’s list. I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with joy, good health, and much happiness!


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  1. #5 is my plan for the new year. When I moved here, everything that didn’t fit got packed away into the shed. Now it’s time to open each plastic crate and go through the contents. Without even looking I can think of at least 50% that can be got rid of.

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