Covid in New Hampshire

There are times in our lives when it seems that there are only complications, illnesses, and problems around us.  Some days seem eternally long. Like one is stuck on this merry go round with no way off.

Such has life been since earlier this year when the Covid came to call. In the beginning, not knowing too much about the virus I was scared to death. I remember clenching my teeth so tightly that my jaw ached, and made it difficult for me to eat a simple salad.

But as our numbers went down, and we understood more, I began to relax and my jaw stopped aching and although I still was conscientious wearing a mask and practicing good high gene, I did not live in fear.


About a week or so ago, our numbers began to soar. For my little old State of New Hampshire to have between 350-450 cases per day is dramatic. We are a small state. and my small town is registering higher rates too.


The Covid Virus is back and in so many ways it is worse than it was at the start.

As I drove home from my daughter’s home yesterday I looked at the cars around me. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut plates abounded. I found myself being annoyed, as these people are only supposed to come if they Quarantine for 14 days here. And of course, when they return to their own States, they are supposed to quarantine there too. But as I pulled into The Outlet Mall I noted all the out of State cars and it made me both angry and paranoid.

I did my business there and pulled across to BJ’s and got gasoline. Then I hopped on the highway and went home.

I will be going into a lockdown here with Jack as long as our numbers are so high.

Maribeth Dackel

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