The Weekend Wrap ~ Good Things!


My weekend was a good one. On Friday I went down to see my daughter’s family and celebrate my birthday a little early.

What this means to a person who has been so very good on the Weight Watcher program, is that for that one day I would eat meals that I really enjoy and have not eaten in nearly a year.

It all started at lunch with a yummy real cheese pizza! It was amazing! I truly enjoyed each bite!

For dinner, I asked for steak! Matt is an amazing “Grill Master” I asked for him to cook steaks for me and for him. I mean, WOW! The steaks were the best I have ever had! I adore baked potatoes, and for dessert, I wanted a Dairy Queen Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake!

dq-menu-cakes_blizzard_oreo_02During the last year, I have learned that I really am not a big cake fan. But I sure do love my ice cream. Now, I just don’t eat cake. But an ice cream cake? Oh yeah! Mmmmmmm!

During the meal, we enjoyed a delicious Cabernet Wine, and for dessert, Matt made me an Irish Coffee!

Since I have also not been drinking during this time I will admit to being pleasantly toasty!

This was the most amazing meal I had had for a while, and I enjoyed every sinful bite! (Which included a second piece of the ice cream cake!)

20201113_144646Savi and me playing around!

I got to play with my two grandchildren and the new puppy, Winter, as well as their two-year-old dog, Freya.

49634345672_a1124c00bf_b (2)
Quinn and Freya!

I must say, both dogs are real sweeties and they also love their Oma!

Quinn and Winter.

Oma and Winter!

Oma and Savannah!

Needless to say, I slept well, and when I did get up in the night, Winter always greeted me when I returned to bed with little kisses and her demand for belly rubs!

In the morning we all had things to do, so I left early to buy a few groceries, fill the car with gasoline and stop and shop for some new clothes. I had some wonderful coupons, a birthday discount, and a gift card.

When you have lost a lot of weight, I will tell you that you don’t see yourself as you are. I went through the shop selecting items at a size I thought I was. I got into the dressing room and started to try things on.

I came out to show the saleswoman (who I know well) and she looked me over and said, “Maribeth, those things are too big on you!”

Then she had me stand in front of the mirror and asked me what I saw.

Well, I saw a little bit of fat I hope to lose around my waist. I saw the baby belly I have had for over 40 years. I saw the hips. A little too curvy I think.

She giggled. “Okay,” she said. “When I look at you I see an amazingly slim woman in clothes that are too big.”

So off she went to get me items I’d selected but in a smaller size. She came back and I started trying them on. I zipped up the corduroys and put on a top and I was shocked. They fit!

Then I tried on a pair of black slacks and a white top. I looked at myself over and over, realizing that I really could see the 60-pound weight loss.

20201114_104127I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am wearing size 12’s!

The sales were great and I bought 5 pairs of slacks and a bunch of shirts and sweater shirts. I filled two shopping bags with lovely new clothes. But looking at what I have here at home, I really did need new clothes!

Suddenly, sixty-two doesn’t look too bad to me!


4 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ Good Things!”

  1. Gorgeous puppies and I love the sparkly pink bows you put on the photo.
    I think that ice cream cookie cake would have my stomach lurching. Happy birthday.

  2. What a great day you had with your family & a great b-day dinner & cake!! Yum!!
    Then clothes shopping the next day & realize you dropped down a fulfilling is that!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. Such a happy time~~wonderful. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, kiddo. You are one in a million. ~~hugs from Linda, Larry & Lady.

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