Happy #62 to Me!

I started my life sixty-two years ago on a cold and blustery day. I weighed 9 lbs and one ounce and my (not even 5 foot tall), mother swears I nearly killed her.

img089Cute, huh?

Of course, being born at noon meant that she was back in her room in time for lunch. Lunch that day was a turkey sandwich! So I didn’t wreck her day completely.


I was the youngest of three children and you know what they say, the youngest is the most spoiled.


I didn’t feel that way, of course, as there seemed to be an expectation to excel. I did try for a while and then when I hit my teens I went in the opposite direction and rebelled!


I may not always have made the best choices in my life, but somehow I made my way and I was blessed with two daughters, Mandy and Katie,

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and now my grandchildren, Savannah and Quinn.


Hmmm! Sixty-two! Imagine that? I remember as a kid when my grandmother and then my mother were this age. Somehow they seemed like old ladies! I certainly don’t feel like that. There is so much left that I want to do!

20200831_142448We have so much fun together and these two are the light of my life! I am so very blessed!


So, Happy Birthday to me!

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7 thoughts on “Happy #62 to Me!”

  1. And a very happy birthday to you. I imagined myself when young at the very old age of 43 in 2000 as being an old man with a walking stick. Twenty years later, I walk a few kilometres each day and I am quite active both personally and online.

  2. Happy Birthday hope your day is blessed and filled with love and all the greatest of life that can be expected in these crazy times!!!!

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