The Days Before Thanksgiving

As I sit here on Sunday morning, the temperature is a cold 29 degrees with mixed precipitation forecast for in the next 24 hours. Well, why the heck not? I mean right now it seems everything is going downhill, so why not the weather?

I was just watching our local news and I am sure that this will cause panic in the streets. They are telling people that shortages abound, and if you do not have your holiday foodstuffs now then you are up the creek.

About a month ago, I could see the writing on the wall. people were being careless with their masks, and I also saw groups at gatherings and knew it was not good.

I told my family and friends to buy extra canned food and boxed foods, and any paper products they might need. I myself would buy canned soups and vegetables, paper products, and cleaners each time I went. Today I feel like a genius!

I do not need another thing in order to make a Thanksgiving meal for Jack and myself.


On Monday I do plan to go to the recycling center to get rid of our trash and stop both at the Grocery Shop and at the Post Office. Then I am in until after the holiday unless important mail is awaiting us.

So, gentle readers, please wear your masks. Wash your hands often, and stay away from people. And remember, if you can’t have the exact meal you want for Thanksgiving, it’s okay. Better to eat meatloaf, then to be in the hospital for Christmas because you kept shopping for the perfect turkey.

Maribeth Dackel

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  1. I have always bought one or two extra things every time I shop, have done so since the children were small and the shop was far away, with me not being able to drive, a regular stock-up was necessary, so these days when people go nuts and clear the shelves I have no need to worry. I have enough and know how to make do if I do run short or run out.

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